Sunday, August 19, 2007


A very unfortunate event happened yesterday, A young Kuwaiti who started the website has been taken in by the secret police along with Jassim Al Qames who has nothing to do with the website but Both guys work for 'Al-Jareeda Newspaper'. Al-Sayegh was escorted by secret police from 'Al-Jareda' headquarters and Jassem was doing his journalistic duties by taking photographs of the detaining, he was then attacked and dragged with Bashar. Bashar was detained because of a comment written about the Amir of Kuwait, Shaikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah, on his website's forum by an annonymous person, it was deleted by Bashar because of its inappropriateness but he was 15 minutes late deleting it, the police held him accountable even after it was deleted. As for Jassim he was released but beaten severely and blind folded and forced to use his fingerprint as signature to a document he couldn't read because of the blindfolds.

I refuse to think of our government and its civilized constitution as a police state, especially with many mistakes made in the 30s and 70s and 80s! and especially after the absolutely incredible support received during the invasion of Kuwait by the people.... but they make it hard not to think of them that way.

I, Bibi Nasser Al-Sabah am against the detaining and torturing of Jassim Al Qames and Bashar Al-Sayegh.


According to Bashar, he was not attacked by the secret police. Jassem was the only victim.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for standing by the truth. I hope we have more people like you representing Kuwait, and the Human right movments.

Anonymous said...

Oh my! I didn't read anything about this in the papers. Must check again. I cannot comment much since I have no idea what was written on that website, but if this is threatening the freedom of speech then I must stand against it.

Bojacob said...

I used to laugh at stuff like this happening in other countries.

How in the world did this happen!?

K.thekuwaiti said...

Kuwait doesn't seem to learn from its past .. its a shame we have such people in the secret police.

izgerty said...

Where did freedom of speach go ??

izgerty said...

Article 31 [Arrest, Move, No Torture]

(1) No person shall be arrested, detained, searched, or compelled to reside in a specified place, nor shall the residence of any person or his liberty to choose his place of residence or his liberty of movement be restricted, except in accordance with the provisions of the law.
(2) No person shall be subjected to torture or to degrading treatment.

Anonymous said...

آنا ان نقف صفا واحدا

Anonymous said...

Thanks for helping highlight this grave issue.

Anonymous said...

Bibi Nasser Al-Sabah, you are a good example that the people and the sabah family can have the same views. You make me proud with this stand. Thank you. We haven't had much to be proud of lately! Especially this new "baathist" terror tactic. (I hope 'amn aldowlah' don't kidnap me over this!)

The Stallion said...

I stand by you and agree with what you said!

Kuwaiti people should be proud of who they are and no one, not even the secret police, should be able to do such a thing to them!

We should all stand up against such monstrosities!

BintBuNaz said...

Good on you, babe. Well said.

Basic human liberties were toyed with on Saturday night and it's time for us to stand up to all those who stand in the way of our inherent freedoms.

مــعـــارض said...

أطلقوا سراح... الشعب

لن يركع شعب هزه الظلم سنينا...
لن يركع لن يركع لو طال الزمانا

Anonymous said...

بيبي ... شكرا على الاستنكار و رد الفعل

Anonymous said...

I'm sure there was some exaguration here, I mean blindfolds?! OK, they were both taken in to be taught a lesson (still wrong!) but blind folds and forcing him to finger print something?! Come one. I beleive in the freedom of speach and Kuwait has always been a free country as long as you stay away from thte Amir. But in this case, the guys had nothing to do with it. What was the post anyway? It's not like he was talking about god or the prophet Mohammed P.B.U.H. Unless it was very bad, I feel this shouldn't have happened.

Anonymous said...

Brava, Bibi, for taking a brave stand on this, and for speaking out. Also, though, for your paying attention to ALL the issues that threaten the consitution and organization of the state, and your willingness to speak out.

Mark said...

Hey Bibi could you email me


Kiwi Nomad said...

Hi Shaikha Bibi! Do you have any more facts on this incident before it gets published throughout the wider blogosphere? It defies belief that someone can get roughed up by the secret police when it should be self evident that they aren't responsible for someone else commenting on their website! Is this just a sad reflection of the intelligence of the Kuwaiti intelligence services?
Keep up the good work.

Sheba said...

The only good thing about this depressing and disgusting rape of freedom and dignity is you Bibi.

كثر الله من امثالك &
حسبي الله ونعم الوكيل على كل من يحاول ان يخرب على الكويت!

This is what happens when you put a bunch of hyper psychopaths in power.

Mohammad Al-Yousifi said...


لم نتفاجيء منك بهذا الموقف فنحن نعرفك و نعرف مبادئك

المشكلة اللي حصلت هي ليست قيام امن الدولة بالقبض على الشباب و التحقيق معهم فهذا حق لهم ان كان في مصلحة الكويت و أمنها

المشكلة عندما تمارس أبشع وسائل الحط من كرامة الانسان خلال هذا التحقيق, الضرب عالأفا و التهديدات و اسلوب الاهانات للشخص و اهله اسلوب مرفوض تماما و يجب ان لا يمر علينا مرور الكرام

رسالتنا اليوم لأمن الدولة و وزارة الداخلية بأن مواطنين - و مقيمين - دولة الكويت لهم كرامة و التحقيق معهم يجب ان يكون حسب أصول الأعراف و القوانين بدون اهانات و تجريح يظل اثره عميقا في النفس

أيضا رسالتنا لبشار, شعب الكويت لا ينسى ابنائه المخلصين , و لن نتركك وحيدا غريبا في أزمتك, الدنيا يوم لك و يوم عليك و الواحد ما فيه خير اذا ما شد أزر أخوه في وقت الصعاب

نشمية يا بيبي


Ansam said...

I cant believe this actually happened in Kuwait :-(

Alia said...

أحييج على شجاعتج

والشباب يستاهلون

Anonymous said...

We at would like to say that we support the Royal Family by praying and fasting for Kuwait’s peace and protection. Although incidents may happen from time to time, we believe that miracles are also happening and we love all Kuwaiti’s and pray for them.

Blessings, JJ

sws said...

CeCe - Its in the papers today.
Bojacob - Its sickening.
Kthekuwaiti - Its a disgrace.
izgerty - The Amir does have protection afterall, so freedom of speech stops there. Unfortunately, those who have protected the constitution by deleting the comments are taken in.
amer - Its my duty.
Anonymous - I would take a stand over and over again.
The Stallion - Thanks
BintBuNaz - Thanks Habibti XxXx
Nasser Al-Barghash - لا شكر على واجب
Intlxpatr - Thanks, Its not really courage as much as its my duty.
mark - Sent.
Kiwi Nomad - Thanks, it's in the papers today.
Sheba - Thank you, lilasaf inna the police are exhausting their energy on the wrong people, what about the radical terrorists that are being recruited by fundemental organizations on a daily basis under their noses?! What about Tijar al Iqamat that have put us in such a horrible position internationally for human trafficking, what about those drug dealers that are injecting poison into the veins of our new generation? What are the child abusers, the wife beaters?! what family members who rape their children and relatives, ask any staff member at the al-sabah maternity ward and you'll see a lot of cases of young kuwaiti women empregnated by a family member, and mistanseen 3alla wa7sh hawally!! there are more wo7oosh out there lurking among us.
kila ma6goog - شكرا على هذه الثقه... شهاده اعتز فيها
Ansam - lilasaf

sws said...

Alia - الله يحييج

jj - God Bless you

BarryUno said...

If two Kuwaitis (journalists that too) get this sort of treatment from the secret police, I shudder to think what expats (like me) would have to go through. And it wasn't even their fault!

Speaking of which, whatever happenned to the real culprit? The person who posted the disturbing comments on the Amir in the first place?

secretdubai said...

Disgusted to hear about the treatment of these two men, I have posted about it on UAE Community blog.

Bashar and Jassim have my support and best wishes, and I hope this incident is resolved soon and they are compensated for the abuse suffered.

Anonymous said...

My dearest Bibi
I'm very proud on the brave stand you have taken. I support you 100% but the story is a little fishy. If they were really the secret police why did they blindfold them? and how did they know about the comment which was deleted? those people could be a gang with personal vendetta.
May god save Kuwait and Amirha.

Anonymous said...

Am i watching correctly what is going on..please see a wider angle..God release the detainee..the people of kuwait used to be against detainee at time of why do we have it now..InaLe Allah waEna Elaih Rajeoon.

Anonymous said...

Dear Bibi..i realy like and respect your Blog,i am a Kuwaiti by heart not by passort,but i feel SHAMED with what happened.
Bibi, as Al Sabah Family doughter you are saying what you wrote, but us we could not,and yes,if two Kuwaiti were attacked like that , what will happened with the non-Kuwaities..!!!!!!!!!
how can we be back to the lovely Kuwait at late 70's and 80's??!! why that is happening NOW?..some things should be delt with..may be something you mind if we prayed and ask the Lord to reveal why things are getting worse? we linked the web with your comment..and looking to see your comment as before at the web..if you would allow us to pray and ask the Lord for Kuwait and how can we Transform the sociaty..let us know.Much Blessings to you..we are proad to connect with you..

Anonymous said...

Hey, You are talking about Freedom of Speech, Human Rights, etc etc, In Kuwait !!!!.. Ha Ha.. This is the best joke I have ever heared....

Guy, please realize the fact that Kuwait is not a Democratic country. I mean real democratic country.

So If you want Freedom of Speech, Human Rights, etc etc, get out of this place...

Anonymous said...

Violence is a sign of weekness. It is a matter of time in which all human right violators will pay the price.

Zaydoun said...

Bibi... stand up and make your voice heard even louder!

These are the actions of a few criminal elements in your own family, and for the sake of Kuwait they must be exposed for the ruin and destruction they are bringing on your family as much as on Kuwait

We're all very proud of you!

مــعـــارض said...

وعي وطني سنناضل من خلاله
بالحجة والمنطق نهزم "إرهاب" الدولة

sws said...

Zaydoun - Thank You.
الشر يعم...والخير يخص

Bashar said...

الاخت بيبي ..

شكرا لك على موقفك، وشكرا لجميع المدونين وكتاب الانترنت وأهل الكويت على وقفتهم معي ..


sws said...

Bashar - ما في شك في وطنيتك واحترامك للامير .... و هذا كله نابع من ولائك و حفاظك على الدستور .... لذلك من الواجب علي ان اصف معكم....الله يحفظ الكويت و يحفظ اهلها

Anonymous said...

Bibi..There is Hope for Changing.Watch this 5 minute news clip to see what the local news ( Action News 8 - USA ) is saying about Loving Salinas .
May God bless Kuwait and the Amir,Protect this Lovely nation from any Harm.God Bless Kuwait

Anonymous said...

This is very correct and equally brave. I praise your desire and ability to be objective and fair. With my besr regards, Tarek Heggy (a friend of DAI). Cairo, Egypt. +

sws said...

Al Ostath Al-Kabeer Tarek Heggy,

I'm extremely honoured that a man of your stature would know about my humble little local blog, thank you for recognizing my cause, and many more thank yous for honoring me with your participation.

Thank You!

Unknown said...

well said zaydoun!!

bibi .. thank you for your efforts .. but the reformation happens from the top..

some higher authorities know where the corruption is and how to get rid of it BUT they refuse to cut it down .. simply coz they like it the way it is ..
حب خشوم و فداوية

الملك فيصل رحمة الله يقول المشاكل تجي من القادة

Anonymous said...

بسلاح الحق البتاري سنحرر ارض احراري