Tuesday, October 6, 2009

For country or humanity - I salute Nabeel

2008 and 2009 were very tough years for me emotionally in my personal life. When I decided to take the role of protecting those who have suffered unjustly one way or another I knew it would be a headache and worse, a heartache. I kept myself determined somehow through many obstacles I faced. I lost my enthusiasm as I faced personal issues and thankfully just in time, I was introduced to Nabeel who is, was and will always be a god sent and an angel that surprised me and revived me just as I started to fear that angels did not exist.

Nabeel left his job to persue a more noble cause which is to help those that are in need. He went from jail to jail, to the deportation department, to hospitals and had bad encounters with police officials. He spent whatever money he made to provide people with food, shelter and plane tickets.

Nabeel lived most of his life in Kuwait and I consider him Kuwaiti more than most Kuwaitis I know. He saw how corrupt the system is here, he saw how locals mistreat labour expatriates, he saw rude police officers, he was pulled by the cops many times. That did not stop him from continuing to help people and more importantly he looked beyond the bad experiences and through humanity which is why he left Kuwait in peace with nothing but peaceful words to say about his time spent in a country that had a few uglies.

Nabeel did my country a HUGE favour through his humanitarian efforts, I consider him a true patriot. I salute you Nabeel. You will be truely missed.

Let's look beyond countries, nationalities, ethnic backgrounds and face the issue head on ... People are hurting everday .. If you listen carefully, you will hear their cries in almost every area in Kuwait.