Monday, November 26, 2007

Following up on HATE

This topic is embarrassingly shallow but is unfortunately whats being said and thought in our community.

Do we hate for the sake of hating?

Some people were born to hate a person, race, country and so on ...

I've noticed in Kuwait it's become a common thing... It has gone as far as hating a person then hating the whole family/tribe because of it's association to this person.


- Some Palestinians stood by Iraq during it's invasion of Kuwait and the Palestinian government which was basically sheltered by Kuwait and was working out of Kuwait for years turns against us... Now... it has been embedded in many people's heads that "Palestinians are traitors" ... that's fair enough... I don't agree but I won't argue against it either... But when people go as far as becoming advocates of Israel and everything it represents... I think its pure hatred towards those who hurt you taken to the point where it has clouded one's head.

- Jalal Al Talabani was Saddam's biggest opposition, he is now the president of Iraq... on his visit to Kuwait a lot of people were somber because Iraq's flag were flying next to the Kuwaiti flag.. most weren't very excited by Talabani's visit because "he is Iraqi". Hatred towards Saddam's Iraq still remains even after the change of regime.

- The Bangladeshi community in Kuwait are underpaid if ever paid and a lot of them started acting up by stealing, raping and even committing murder.. its quite unfortunate that now has become a stereotype that all Bengalis are bad-natured.

- Shiites and Sunnis? Those who are able to see human beings for who they are and not who and what they belong to are the ones who have no problem with sunnis and shiites... the rest... a lot of people I've encountered if Sunni sees Shiites as people who have loyalty only to Iran and the Shiites think Sunnis have loyalty to Saudi clerics. Our Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) Ali, Hassan and Hussain would be shamed by how Muslims are behaving.

- A common one is the attitude of "Dakhel Al Sour" and "Kharej Al Sour" mentalities... which I don't feel like touching up on right now... till then... KHODA HAFIZ!

Friday, November 23, 2007


Do we hate for the sake of hating? Is hatred towards a family, race, person, group of people, tribe,leader, religion, or religious sect inherited by a child from the parents? Where does Humanity stand in all this?

Will discuss further ... later.

Government Vs. Parliament

The Government vs. The Parliament ... Who's more negligent when it comes to human rights issues in Kuwait?

Just a reminder of violations that often happen in Kuwait

- Women getting raped by a family member
- Children physically abused by one of their parents
- House maids emprisoned in their employers' homes
- Expats working in the private sector blackmailed and mistreated by former employees by using sponsorship/residency documents against them
- Underpaid labour expats/domestic labour ... if ever paid on time
- Spousal abuse

Both are to blame for the degradation of our society and country as a whole, though the government is a little more responsive than the disconnected parliament that self-serves.

On a much lighter note: Welcome Baby Nasser Abdullah Al-Nasser to the family

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Core Values

I've been doing a lot of thinking lately.. Mostly because I was asked by someone what my most important core values are... and was asked to choose 4.

I was perplexed and couldn't give an answer off the cuff... there's so much to say and so many but after much thought... I finally came up with those:

1. Honesty
2. Humanity
3. Self-evolution/knowledge
4. Modesty/Humbleness

Now .... Do we think of our core values when we choose a partner in life and whether it is essential that they share the same values? when we start a new job? make new friends? I don't want to dwell on "what if's?" but ... what if we did pay attention to them... would our lives have turned out this way? Would we have made different choices?

Not my usual post... just needed to vent. What are your four core values?