Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Al-Watan's Insensitivity

Such A crude, rude and backward way of dealing with the issue of domestic labour.
Its basically the stories of nannies in both "Liberal" and "Islamic" households that both want salary increases or else, one will kill the boss's son and the other will commit suicide.
The sad part is that this cartoon is an attack on political groups at the expense of those poor domestic workers. The fact that some domestic labour do commit suicide, and some do violent acts against the children of the families, is not by any means comical, not for the labourers and especially not for the sponsors.
Inshalla, Al Watan can gain a sensitivity streak and use their ivy league backgrounds when dealing with the ethics of such issues.


Harmonie22 said...

Ameen. Well said.

Harmonie22 said...

Just to add, although this is a crude spin off of reality- and probably off of what's transpiring next door to us with Rizana Nafeek- this is an accurate depiction of the regard that many in our society have towards the hired help.

It is dehumanizing and sad.

I recently became familiar with the term 'human trafficking,' this cartoon certainly gives an insight into the mindset and objectification of contracted laborers that you are working towards rectifying.

بوصالح said...

‘ستغلال المواهب في أعمال الشر ليس بغريب عن بعض الناس

ليتهم يتعلمون من شخصيتك الكريمة

sws said...

harmonie, I'd love to hear more about your experience in Jleeb, we need to talk babe.

Bo-Sale7 - Thanks, Al Karam ta3alamna min 3eshag al deera, kheddam al kuwait, nas mithlek oo sharwak.

بوصالح said...

شرواك الطيب :)

ليش ما نشوف قوانين العاملة عندك في المدونة

راح تكون خطوة رائعة

kila ma6goog said...

اعتقد الوطن هي جريدة الديوانية و القهوة , مستوى الثقافة اللي تنشرها و المواضيع المكتوبة و الاسلوب اللي تستعمله يعكس واقع ديوانية و لكنه لا يرقى لأن يكون مادة مقروئة


انا بالصج ممكن اقول العن ابوهم هالخمة

لكن عندما أكتب و أعرف ان كلامي سينشر المفروض أهذب اسلوبي ليس مراعاة لشعور القاريء و لكن حرصا على صورتي أمام الناس و القراء

مشكلة الوطن انها ما تفرق بين كلام الدواوين و بين الكلام اللي ينشر للعامة


sws said...

madry ay dewaween hathy illy al watan ga3ed tanqel al 7achy minhom, 3asa matkoun min rewad hal dewaween kila ma6goog? :P