Monday, March 3, 2008


Manicure and Pedicure = 10 kd ... twice a month = 20 kd

Blow dry = 8 kd

Color/Highlight = 40 kd

Waxing/Threading = 5 kd ... twice a month = 10 kd

Total monthly cost = 78 kd

* 78 kd/month on self maintenance (female kuwaiti employer)

Waking up at 6 am = ?

Waking the kids up at 6:30 am = ?

Making breakfast = ?

Dropping kids off to school = ?

Tidying the beds/laundry and ironing = ?

picking up kids from school = ?

Preparing lunch = ?

running house errands all day (Get me this and that) = ?

No afternoon rest = ?

Preparing dinner (9 pm usual time) = ?

No weekly day off = ?

Total cost = 60 kd

* 60 kd/month is on average what a domestic worker in Kuwait gets paid. Throw in verbal abuse and some physical abuse and overtime and degradation. (also includes the ones that work in mansions and palaces.. hint)

What can i do to change things? ... Nothing (pitiful).

My state of mind: Sleepless nights in agony


Enigma said...

And the point is....?

Do you treat your maids that way? Not every one does, either.

sws said...

pointless. I am not generalizing.

Shurouq said...

The workers at our office haven't been paid for the last three months.
And what goes around never seems to come around.

Miss you :*

pink said...

blowdry 1 amonth??? most likely twice or more a week 8x8=64 kd

error said...

So what's a good salary for a khadama?

eshda3wa said...

60 kd?
that is IF

most maids get paid an average of 40 kd

60 kd would be a bliss

7aram wallah

sws said...

Shurouq - That's bizarre! Basically the government is not paying it's employees? khoosh qedwa. Miss you soooooooo much more :***

Pink - yeah I forgot about that.. I'm very low maintenance.

error - Well it depends on their nationalities and the contract you sign as an employer. New contracts of philipino house maids are 120 kd/month, I doubt anyone will respect the contract they sign.

eshdaw3a - ee walla, lil asaf.

Big Pearls said...

Some Kuwaitis treat their maids very well..I know I do! oh and don't forget to add the facials, massages and laser to the list!

Mother Courage said...

"New contracts of philipino house maids are 120 kd/month, I doubt anyone will respect the contract they sign. "

thats a bit overrated! .. if you have 2 maids one for the baby and the other one is for house work (a small apartment), they get to work from 9 to 12 (lunch break ..afternoon nap/rest) they get back on the "scene" at 5 till 7.. we get to pay for their food, shelter and clothes!).. i don't see why they should get paid 120? even my maids are surprised! (400 dollars? please!!)

kila ma6goog said...

مرات احس انج بتخربين الشغالات على معزباتهم

يمكن هم مستانسين من الوضع؟

ليش بتقطعين الأرزاق؟

Eagle4 said...

I am a very happy man, no maids & no drivers. My wife looks after the house, she takes the kids to school, she cooks, she is a Superwoman. I do my share in helping when I'm not working. By the way, my wife is not Kuwaiti.

بوصالح said...

الحد الأدنى للأجور يفترض 120 دينار

بصددد أعداد القانون

و له العديد من الجوانب الإيجابية

منها تقليل الوافدين

sanfranciscanq8 said...

Valid points although you should not lose sleep over any issue. What you are doing (exposing) is the answer. You really should begin a social talk show.

We can change things one person at a time. Having maids is a luxury, not a standard requirement. I checked into Merry Maids in the U.S. for my pregnant daughter, and it is minimum $125 per VISIT. One day service!!

Don't even ask the price for a Nanny (and of course they are trained) yet childcare is very expensive,especially for infants!

I view both sides. As a mother who raised her children for 10 years with no maids, I know it can be done. My children came out very responsible, and appreciate the maid I do have now. I truly appreciate the maid, as it gives me more quality time with my children!

Salons are women's way of maintenance, we all should go, but when the family budget is all about your *looks* face it, it means your life is pretty shallow. A woman's beauty comes from within. :)

Mother courage: You're surprised at the 120? Try one month of taking care of an infant and cleaning your apt without them.

How can maids who were getting paid 35-40 KD a month back in the 80's not be paid a standard ''cost of living'' raise? All Q8ti's received a 120 KD raise (and still whine for more) so the maids should as well.

Costs for a khadama? It should be based on their experience, with a minimum of 60 KD.

eagle 4: it's nice you appreciate your wife's efforts to take care of her family. American men 'expect' this of women, and that annoys me as well.

Great topic, keep it up!

Mother Courage said...


the majority of middle to low class kuwaitis are employeed at the government sector .do you have any idea what the average salary of a kuwaiti employee in the government sector is?
the average salary my dear is 400 to 500 kd! .. if he/she has to pay each maid 120 kd! + other liabilities ( including food, shelter,you'd be lucky if you get an apartment rent for 350 kd , and clothing) for themselves and their children with the inflation that is happening now adays .. do you think those people can afford having maids? im all with human rights get your maids treat them well,give them what they need, bonuses every now and then, gifts .. but remember that those maids have agreed on this salary and 60 kd which isn't good enuff for you is obviously good enough for the amazing landscape farm installment according to the banks in philipine & india.. common sense please!

hammoodee said...

that's totally sad and unfair I'm glad that we don't do that and my friends's families treat their 'helpers' the best way they can and put themselves in their place

sanfranciscanq8 said...

Mother C. My whole point was common sense. 400-500 a KD a month is not middle class, it's lower class income.

I am Kuwaiti (6th class I believe) and am well aware of the costs of living. I raised my many children on this amount for many years. I could not afford more than one maid. Does this make me deprived? No, it means I had to accept living within my limits, hard as it was.

I ''chose'' to stay home with my children and do the best I could to raise them.

Most women in the West who work have to pay 400-500 KD a month for childcare outside the home.

IF both parents are working, it would double. This is the same issue facing the West. Both parents working and paying childcare is financially barely worth it.

''do you think those people can afford having maids?''

No, many women cannot afford maids, or one at the most.

The Phillipines have declared that all new maids receive 120 KD a month. Soon, others will follow suit. Logically speaking we cannot fight their demands, or we opt for other countries to employ.

That's life.

Anonymous said...

not all employers are bad,, some are so nice with their employee.. or too nice.. beleive me!
its so sad to see 1 maid taking care of too many things for a big famiy as well,, and not being payed.
i really hope they will fix the laws soon and make it strict and straight!!
but FYI, there are maids who really love their employers so much. as their own family.
may the god bless all,,, and peace be upon all as well.

Mother Courage said...

be it the lower class or middle .. they're the majority .. and as i mentioned earlier .. we're not fighting their demands .. we've offered then a price and they've accepted it .. which is better? to higher two maids with average sallary or to hire one with high salary and increase the unemployment rases to the needy?