Thursday, April 17, 2008

Flavour of the month

A lot of the social and political issues in Kuwait seem to be important for a month but never pull through for more than that, it sometimes extends to two months but that's about it. Even with gossip, "give it a month and people will stop talking" is the common phrase here.

Examples of issues that arose in the past for only a month:-

1. Energy preservation (tarsheed. All the ministries and roads have the lights on 24/7, it doesn't make sense)
2. Environmental awareness (going green, where do the green bags from the co-ops go after they're thrown and I don't see the commercial with the island turtles anymore as lousy as that was)
3. labour abuse (al-awqaf- their campaign was amusing, they handed out gifts like a fake pink croco bag for the family to give to their house maid to show her she's part of the family.. how about paying her monthly salary instead and preferably above minimum wage)
4. Diabetes (a bunch of doctors speaking gibberish)
5. Anti-segregation ( 4 politicians from the national democratic alliance a.k.a al ta7aluf al wa6any are still showing their enthusiasm but let's wait till after the elections)
6. Constitutional Protection (ila al destoor - came hand in hand with Nabeeha 5 then died, now the 5 is not cool .. uhhh constitution?)
7. Water Preservation (this new thing I don't know much about other than the silly number that's meant to indicate the amount of water spent per day in kuwait)

How can we forget or neglect and just let go so easily?

IT SUCKS TO BE THE FLAVOUR OF THE MONTH! ... then left to wither.

Let's hope our new parliament and government has members that will be able to pull through and not only sensationalize issues for political and economic gain.


eshda3wa said...

your totally right!

we seem to have the attention span of fruit flies!

sws said...

eshda3wa - frustrating ain't it.

Anonymous said...

Zain is having a BAG project on (I think) April 22nd, where you can buy unique bags, most made with recycled or scrap materials, to use when shopping in place of the plastic bags. It's supposed to be a big deal, but I haven't seen a whisper about it in the press.

kila ma6goog said...

شعب الهبات