Tuesday, April 28, 2009

New writer on Q8SWS

Hi there blogfans, my name is nabeel. Sws has kindly invited me to share my thoughts on this blog as a new writer -- and rather than just intrude right away, I thought I'd start off by ways of a little introduction.

I'm a third generation Indian citizen in Kuwait, born and raised. I have no gift whatever for languages so I dont speak more than a few words of Arabic - or any Indian language for that matter. I went to an English school in Kuwait and did my University in Vancouver, Canada. I'm married to a great gal from there and now I'm back in Kuwait, working. ..And recently I've started involving myself in a little social work and have been utterly amazed by what I've seen.

About that - hopefully over time, I'll be updating you with reports of human rights abuses here, and my perspective on it as an expat. As I'm sure you're already aware, the Gulf region has come under a lot of scrutiny for this sort of thing. Please feel free to ask any questions, air your opinions - and mostly... please get involved.

I will start off with a report from a Nepali Humanitarian Organisation "Asha - Nepal" which is headed by a British gentleman:

"I wish we could stop these girls going. They are aware of the situation, but are pursuaded by the agencies that they will be looked after and of course the money is a huge draw.

We had a case three years ago, with Kuwait Airways carrying a seriously demented girl on a plane to Delhi in her night dress. (In Kuwait) she had been taught to offer herself to any man that came near her. The girl in question committed suicide just under a year ago. We want to write to the airline and the Kuwaiti Embassy in the UK although they aren't likely to reply. They didnt last time."

You might think this is an isolated incident, but in one of our hospitals right now is an Indonesian girl who was 'lent' by the agency to a man who forcibly slept with her and then 'sold' her to another man who forced her to sleep with 3-5 men a day. Then - like many stories you might here - she jumped.

Guess where she will go after her discharge from the hospital?! Jail. After that its the deportation center and if she's lucky enough, she will be booked a ticket home in a month or so, with only the clothes on her back and not even a month's worth of salary. But then what sort of salary do you get from forced prostitution !?

And then the real shame begins as she tries to live in her community, a rape victim and penniless.

One case in hundreds. What are your thoughts?


ma6goog said...

I'm married to a great gal from BC

whats is BC?

please no complicated codes


nabeel said...

oops - sorry! British Columbia - Canada. Actually - i'll go back and change that. Thanks ma6goog.

Dalal said...

Someone commented on the blog below this one:
"The business of not doing anything is as bad as doing bad if not more so."

So guys..please do get involved in any way u can..these people need help.

Victoria said...

Nabeel, Kudos for being a new writer to the blog. Personally, I am really concerned about migrant worker suicide rates here in the GCC. Do you know what reporting is being done on this?

nabeel said...

Hi Victoria - thanks for the welcome. As far as I know theres litte to no attention paid to that. I dunno if you've read the article on Dubai -


maybe you can put this link in once youve logged onto facebook. but it has a part in it about the number of Indian migrants that commit suicide per month - and how they've just stopped counting. It is ASTOUNDINGLY horrific.

I will have a post on the number of runaway domestic helpers currently in their embassies.