Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Just another day

From a news article:

18-year-old Sittie Leng about the three other maids in the house:
"Shouting, hitting, beating, kicking, using the wood to hit. I was scared that maybe they would hit me next. The maids had black marks all over their bodies. Our employer is like a devil and that house is like a hell - a hell house."

The four of them eventually fled together. Now Leng thinks only of going home. "I want to study nursing," she says.

When asked what she'll tell other Filipinas who think of coming to the Gulf to work, she laughs and shakes her head: "Beware," she says.

A female friend came across a girl in the hospital who had a horrible story to tell. Apparently her local employer had invited his friends over, cornered the girl and the gang rape that followed was so animalistic that they had bitten her nipples off. There were also knife marks on her body from the episode.


Anonymous said...

For quite some time, I couldn't come up with anything to say. It's beyond horrific; it's utter insanity.

I don't think mere posts could reflect on how truly gruesome this is. Are you able to put up some videos of housemaids who have been through similar ordeals?

I've been e-mailing various international and local humanitarian groups in regards to this issue and hope that every single person who reads these posts do as well.

These beasts should be prosecuted. Exterminated rather.

nabeel said...

When I was allowed in Al Razi Hospital, I asked many of the girls there whether they could either write their stories out in their own language, or whether they were willing to be interviewed, have photos taken, etc. Only one said yes. Reason being, they don't consider themselves truly safe until they are back home. If they are still in Kuwait, anything can happen. That includes "surprise" treatment from the police.

Thank you for emailing the organizations. I have done the same several times and even though it seems sometimes that nothing gets done, every single individual that chips away at this issue counts. Please continue to do all you can and I'm sure we'll see changes.

Anonymous said...


Whatever happened to the lady who got raped? Did she make the news? Was there an arrest and/or prosecution? How is she doing?

Been very distressed over this incident since I read the post last night.

nabeel said...

Although her employer was briefly jailed, he was quickly released and in fact came back to taunt her while she was still in the hospital. As far as we know, that's all he had to go through.

As for the lady in question, she was supposed to have been sent from the hospital to Salwa police station. When we went there to check up on her, they did not have any record of her having been there.

Where is she now? God only knows.

7aneen said...

OMG. My head is seriously ringing. Sadly my friends and family know nothing of this kind of maltreatment. Its like you're speaking of another country.

I know for a fact that there are many psychopaths who seriously need medical attention, but are living lives as if "normal" people.

Who in their right mind would do such a thing ?

Where are we ?! Kuwait? really?

This goes to show how more people need to know and hear these things and face the facts.