Saturday, August 22, 2009

3 maids, 3 different cases

There is a Nepali maid who has been in hospital (not Al Razi) for over 3 years. They have not sent her back to Nepal because she has no one there (I'm not sure how this works legally). She seems SEVERELY depressed. She talks to no one and lays in bed throughout each day with blanket and cloth covering her face. Has to be fed apple juice through IV.

An Indonesian maid was brought in by agency, but her employer 'sold' her to his friend, who forced her to sleep with him and then forced her to have sex with 3-5 ppl a day as a prostitute. She jumped out of the window in despair. She was taken to Al Razi and then will be taken to jail. A classic case of human trafficking in Kuwait.

Sri Lankan maid, beaten by both the father and mother of the house - and apparently the children in the home as well. The lady is in Kuwait because her daughter back home is blind in one eye and she has to pay for medicine, and tremendous rains in sri lanka wiped out all her crops (she is a farmer)... she was also not fed anything in the house. She jumped - hospital - jail.


Ramadan's on You said...

Makes you wonder sometimes whether most of these recruitment and labour supply agencies we have here in Kuwait are glamourised versions of touting and pimping services.
My friend was right in pointing to me the other day that there would be newspaper ads in the 70s and 80s enticing readers to trade in their old maids for new ones or "buying one getting one free", as if they were commodities of some kind. I believe the practice still continues till date, albeit far less openly than in years past.

SHOOSH said...

Yah .. Fo'9a el denya ehni

Aziz said...

Have you ever been to the jail where maids are sent to?

johnpeaveler said...


I just wanted to say that I really admire your work. I feel a great sense of solidarity with you, as I too deal with the cruelty of people on a daily basis. Although I work with animals, which clearly is not as important as confronting human rights abuses, I have always felt that teaching children about kindness and compassion has as much value for animals as it does for people. Anyway, though my work with animals keeps me quite busy, if you were ever desperate to rescue a person from an abusive situation, you could contact me. I know it's not much to offer, but it is a genuine. Kind regards, John Peaveler

nabeel said...


i dunno if i've mentioned it on this blog but I know of at least one recruitment agent who literally brings women in as 'maids' but they're actually given as sex slaves to people. When I asked my source why the cops didnt just bust this? he said thats because cops are the customers..

shoosh - i have no idea what you just said :P

Aziz I have seen the jails and the 2 deportation centers... awful stuff. why do you ask?

John thank you for your encouraging words. I agree with you completely - cruelty is cruelty and it expresses itself in a variety of ways.

Research on serial killers (obviously not to do with the blog) indicates that one of the behavioural attributes that you can see from these guys is that their treatment of animals as kids, is sometimes sadistic. They jump from hurting animals for fun to hurting ppl because of their lack of empathy.

Keep doing what you're doing John. small differences still make a difference. Sadly I didnt get much of a response when I wanted to organise a meeting of kuwaiti youth who were interested in dealing with this problem.

But thanks for your email address- If i find myself in a desperate situation with an abuse victim that i cant get ppl to pay attention to... i will let you know if i need help. cheers