Saturday, June 23, 2007

They say I am fighting a losing battle, you think?

(for those who have been disturbed by my grammar and spelling, I don't recommend reading beyond this sentence)

I have this habbit of constantly thinking, and by thinking I don't mean super intelligent thinking, just plain thinking. I think of ways to change things I don't approve of, I think of constantly changing myself for the better, I think of enriching my life with good friends and great company. These are all good thinkings, I think.

Then there's the painstaking thinking, over analytical thinking, the on going thinking, the middle of the night till morning thinking.

Here's when my thinking gets exhausting:

In the car - Thinking of other cars without AC and how terribly hot they feel because a second ago I was thinking my AC is not cool enough. Thinking of the unbearable heat from the front door of my house to the car (2 steps) then seeing the people working on the streets or working on building sites, the ones waiting for the bus or the ones selling ice-cream on the side of the road.

At work - I miss my daughter terribly, I can't wait to see her, I'm so glad she's got a great nanny. Thinking..... poor nanny, she has 2 daughters (8 year old and 11 year old) i'm sure she misses her daughters, god those poor girls must be devastated without their mother. Patricia's (the nanny) daughter just graduated middle school with honors. Thinking..... do people in Kuwait know that these people (nannies, drivers, cooks and so on..) have families? babies? husbands? wifes? a normal happy life.. why would anyone treat someone so badly and think less of them?

In bed - Thinking.... mattress needs to be changed. Thinking..... those poor girls in the labour agencies (makateb al khadam) sleep on the floor and share a room with 70 other girls.

Daughter's playroom - Hussah (daughter) is being a brat, I'm so fed up of her whining. Thinking...... if i'm fed up of my own daughter why shouldn't Patricia be fed up with her as well? More thinking ..... I should create an environment that keeps both daughter and nanny satisfied and entertained. Thank God for TFC (The Filipino Channel) and their evenings of "wow woweeeee" .

In public - Seeing nannies and housekeepers in uniform. Thinking.... Why are they in Uniform? god I can't imagine what they're feeling, I wouldn't want to wear uniform to public, everyone else looks so good, free to choose what to wear. Uniforms should be worn at home.

When i'm bored - Sometimes I just want to leave the house because I spent too much time on the sofa. Thinking.... what about the house keepers, they're here everyday (except for their holiday once a week) , if they're bored they go to their rooms, right here in my house. how boring.

Does anyone feel this way? If not, shouldn't we? Aren't my feelings humanistic feelings? Shouldn't we sympathize and recognize that there are people here who consider labour expats (especially from India, Sri Lanka, Philipines, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Egypt and many more) insignificant. I hear a lot of "you shouldn't feel guilty for being blessed" talk from people around me, here's the thing though, I don't feel guilty, I feel empathy.

I will keep fighting this so called losing battle.


Anonymous said...

Sooooooo powerful... You should print this on flyers, newspapers, public transportation and billboards!!! a7san min yabeela Astin Martin and the private jet.You wrote down the words that I carry in my heart...well put.

rieaane said...

I really like this article, i hope this will be published in a local newspapers


هذه مشاعر إنسانية راقية.ولكن لاتحملي نفسك أكثر من طاقتها حتى في التعاطف مع الآخرين فلست وحدك المسؤولةعن شقاء الآخرين.إن هذا الشعور الطيب ينبع من أخلاق كريمة وتربية فاضلة.وقديكون من المناسب فعلا نشر ما دونتيه هنافي الصحافة الوطنية لعله يلين بعض القلوب القاسية.قلبي وفكري وعواطفي معك فيما كتبتيه اليوم.وفقك الله

frigg said...

what's true about the world is that some people have it better than others simply by chance of being born into a better environment (wealth, affection, education, culture, temperament or any combination of them).

what's not true is that many people go on with their lives not recognizing this or choosing to ignore it simply because they can. this is where the difference can be made and where people can be hooked into feeling good about helping other rise by helping themselves.

kuwaiti society is a significant statistical outlier - a fat tail outcome - that should be considered an exception. this does not mean it should be ignored but that it should be viewed in the larger context of human existence.

dishevelled said...

I just came across this blog - I think you're doing an amazing job! Keep it up! =)

I agree with anonymous - this is a powerful article, print is somewhere - newspapers and magazines. We need more awareness!

Harmonie22 said...

I so love the way you think.

I believe that to varying degrees many Kuwaitis are beginning to think this way, especially those in the 20's. It is just difficult to speak up about and because its just not part of our overall social consciousness yet.

offmyhead said...

those maids you pay to take care of your children and sundry are untouchable in their country. they're worth nothing where they come from. they're better off getting raped here then they are at their own country. anyway, the earn a decent living and provide money to their families back home. your losing the war

sws said...

Thank you for your input and for giving us a perfect example of what kind of mentality we're dealing with in this issue.

Anonymous said...

well said..
think exactly how you think... proud of you..

Nabil Wilf said...

An excellent post that gladdens me to know that there are those in this land with a clarity of thought and conscience recognizing and embracing the challenges to advance their societies spiritually.

mercy said...

That touched me. Empathy, it's called empathy. Every soul that walks in our path deserves this. It's not only Q8tis who are blind to their servants (note, I said servants---not slaves) I know Americans in Q8 who are abusive and lacking in empathy towards these people.

I for one am so grateful to have a maid and a driver, it's a luxury many cannot have.

You have an incredible capacity for viewing all humans, God bless you for what you're doing!