Tuesday, December 11, 2007


I've had to go back and forth to the hospital for some check ups ... Alone.

I usually don't like burdening people by asking them to come with me which is basically why I went alone to all my appointments ... it was hours and hours of waiting ... all alone.

I keep repeating Alone.. cuz i've never felt sooo alone in my life, maybe the closest I felt to this feeling is my days in New York when I was in school, yet back then it was sort of expected that we'd feel alone.

Anyway... Here I am in a country full of family and friends and yet I still feel alone.

Can you imagine how people from India and the Philipinnes and Indonesia and Bangladesh and Egypt and many other countries feel when they come to Kuwait... All alone.


eshda3wa said...

u were alone by choice
im sure asking a friend or family member wouldnt burden them
ur depriving them of the chance to be there 4 u
to show u they care

sws said...

My fellow Arian eshda3wa.. Thank you for letting me see a different angle to the situation... I never thought that i would be depriving them from caring for me... interesting.

Organic Kuwait said...

when my friend first started working as a doctor she was shocked of how other doctors or older doctors treat the asian patients.. i told her that is to be expected i see how they r treated everywhere else why will the doctor be any diffrent! bas when i think about it again, we (kuwaitis) are also rude to each other if u smile at someone's child they will look at u wierd, we teach that to our kids too!!! kids here dont smile or say Hi or show interest in other people! i guess they are so used to being ignored just like the poor housekeeper carrying them at malls!

Um Twins said...

But, doesn't 'alone' strengthen the soul?

I've always been a loner, yet never lonely. Instead of wallowing in your being alone, you chose to view how others feel being alone.

Have you ever considered learning Reiki? You would be a natural.

sws said...

organic - yes, it's quite unfortunate.

um twins- it absolutely strengthens the soul but can break the spirit at the same time. I heard about Reiki from some cousins and friends who have been taking courses here in Kuwait on energy healing, but that's about all I know about it, where does one learn Reiki? and any good teachers in Kuwait?

حلم جميل بوطن أفضل said...

عورت قلبي

فعلاً ليت الناس تحس بالبسطاء من حولهم

Anonymous said...

Yes, the Reiki is a Japanese technique. My daughter and I went to see one here, she teaches it and also clears the Chakras.

She's great.
Call me or email me for info.
Um S.

Anonymous said...

So many friends around.. but still we feel alone.

actually the reason either we need more attention, or there is no real friends to be with.

honestly i go with the second reason.


and for the forigners u've mentioned.. dont worry tra they are akthar mnch in kuwait and they dont need that sympathy..
we're kuwaities and we feel strangers in our homeland bcuz of these wafedeeen ..and some other reasons


Our Lady of Persia said...

Aloneness is less of a physical state and more of an emotional one. What is worse is when you start to feel alone in the company of your husband or wife and that's when loneliness bites.
And yes, you cannot not feel sorry for all the Gulf widows whose husbands have left them behind in their countries to come work in Kuwait and eke out a living for them by permanently staying here. What a life!

sws said...

0ur lady of persia - I chose to use the term Alone instead of lonely because lonely is not what I was feeling.

3teej - I will keep sympathizing, it's my personal preference.

حلم جميل بوطن أفضل - Al baraka feek, why don't you start write about البسطاء , you write so beautifully it would be lovely too shed some light on such issues.

Anonymous said...

sws: im hosting a pranic healing here in kuwait on 25th and 26th of Jan its energy healing really amazing!
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