Monday, July 21, 2008

Get well soon

My girlfriend was in a bad car accident over the weekend. It was a hit and run, the girls took off.

I went to see her at Adan hospital, her leg is fractured, her spine is bruised and some fractures in her back bone... she was conscious and sweet and beautiful as ever when i saw her in the recovery room but in A LOT of pain.

I don't know how these girls can live with themselves.

I've always wondered if I saw an accident in front of me, would I stop to help? Do I have the gutts? My cousin recently stopped to help a guy who's car swirved suddenly and hit a side post, he was covered in blood and his legs were crushed by the dashboard. She called for help, assured him he would be okay and read some verses from the quran to calm him down. I wish I had her courage.

When you actually hit someone you don't have a choice but to stop, if not for leagal reasons .. atleast for one's own conscience.

Allah igawmech bel salamah - get well soon my beautiful friend.

Pain, in all it's form, whether physical or emotional is unbearable... 3asa allah laywareekom.

I wish everyone in pain a speedy recovery.


kila ma6goog said...

خطاكم السو

teagirl said...

I hope she gets well soon. inshallah.

Kuwaiti Woman said...

Matshof shar inshallah!

sws said...

ma6goog - kha6ak al lash

teagirl - thank you

kuwaiti woman - al shar mayeech inshalla.

the humbug chronicles said...

Apparently, a witness/ onlooker is more inclined to intervene and help when there's not a lot of people around. With a crowd gathered and looking it's suddenly no longer anybody's problem.
Wishing your friend a speedy recovery and a safe life ahead.

Ansam said...

i hope she get well so soon
and i also hope they get those stupid careless girls!

I would definitely do something about it... I always thought of it, and wanted to be stronger in case something happened and took first aid class/course at Red Crescent 3ashan a3arf atsaraf la sama7 alla sar shay

Anonymous said...

My beautiful role model. What can I say but that I love you. I am getting better by the minute. When I'm not staring at the ceiling, I'm thinking that maybe I am exactly where I'm supposed to be, that God works mysteriously.

You did a small miracle for that victim women. With all my heart, thank you for being you.

sws said...

anonymous - Ya ba3ad galby :* I just wanna see you up on your feet again and out of the hospital, I know since I posted it, they've found more fractures and bruises. When you have the time, please explain exactly what those girls did to you.

* get well soon, let's dance! ;)

Anonymous said...

Thank you gulbi.
What basically happened was that there were two girls on the road who didn't like the fact that i signaled to them 'shfeecom' and then 'slow down' with my hands and decided as a result to drive me off the road. They cut in front of me and tapped my jeep with theirs, causing my car to flip.
Gives a whole new twist to road rage.

Can't wait to dance again :)

Desert Girl said...

I hope she is okay now, Inshallah.

I was in a bad accident about 4 years ago. A bunch of stupid people stopped and tried to pull me out of my car by my arms. A young Kuwaiti woman ran over, pushed them out of the way, grabbed my mobile phone and dialled the last number called (to my best friend who met me at the hospital). The Angel stayed with me until the ambulance arrived; putting water on my head and holding my hand. I told her to save her number on my mobile. We are still good friends.

ANYTIME you can help a fellow human (and hopefully animals too) in trouble, do it! God tests our strength of character every day.

"I shall pass this way only once. Any good, therefore, that I can do or any kindness I can give; let me not defer nor neglect it. For I may not pass this way again."