Monday, July 28, 2008

I'm Tired

I'm tired of the government! I'm tired of them waiting untill things get waaaay out of control for them to take action against those damn companies who haven't paid their employees for months.

I'm tired!! I'm tired of seeing the "big guys" go to their cousin's farm once a year and take pretty pictures "as a family" when they all know that his company is the worst company when it comes to the rights of it's employees. This company's contract was stopped for a while by the government and has since operated again, it shifted most of it's work to the ministry of defense because it has an independent budget.



kila ma6goog said...

names please

who are the owners of these companies?

why papers arent mentioning the names?


Anonymous said...

The victim is the one being judged!

Check this out:

Anonymous said...

Laish mako a7ad e7e6lina isim il sharikaat o isim their owners?

We need names, cuz seriously I don't know any...

+ who is responsible? isn't it the government? whose in charge? mino ya7kumna? mino qaa'ed elsafeena?! Oho il mas'ool 3an kilshay 7aa9il

7esbi allah wa ni3m alwakeel

XXX said...

they dont mention names coz its alkhrafei's company...btw they do give them their money but 2 thirds r deduced the next day

all the companys r responsible 4 provideing tickets 4 their employes that actually participated in the chaos

finally companys will be shut down INSHALLA

alla ya7feth l q8 gowlaw ameen

QQ said...

Man I know how you feel, every second i spend in Kuwait I start to hate it more and more even though I'm a Kuwaiti.

Anonymous said...

No way Princess, we cannot afford to have you go on strike!
Intensivists and perfusionists may strike work, pilots, janitors and people manning essential services may go off work but not you who is blessed with so much empathy and concern for the human condition and who is empowered to make a difference to people's lives, in real terms.
We need people such as yourself, to keep looking out for the weaklings in society.

Anonymous said...

اللي يبط الجبد ان الكل صار يعرف السالفة بس الصحافة مستغفلين عن اصحاب الشركات
الخبر صايرله ٣ ايام في الصدارة وبعده ناقص؟
الصحافة والحكومة يستهبلون، اشحقة محد سوى تقرير عن اللي ورى هالظلم لهم؟
كل هذا والحكومة ""صم بكم""ـ

اكره هالجانب من الكويت
احنا يالكويتيين مو جذيه، ليش هالجرم طاغي على ديرتنا؟ هالتغاضي يقمت القلب على كثر ماهو يحير
حسافة على كويتنا :((((

Ansam said...

Its really sad :-( and heart breaking and the outcome was worse!

Anonymous said...

Dear BiBi;

I raed your article yesterday 30th of July 2008 in Alqabas newspaper, and I DISAGREE with you in the last part of your article. I agree that every human being is entitled to a decent life, fair opportunities and the right to peacefully object/ protest in the name of unfairness and victimization, however I highly disagree on your objection to the recent action of the MOI Special Forces against the violence and destruction that occurred in our beloved Kuwait. Advocating such criminal behavior is unwarranted on your part. Most of those poor laborers are led by gang members and semi Mafia leaders in their own community that wouldn't think twice of turning this confrontation into a full fledged street war
( i.e. : South central LA! ). We do need to do more to insure that laborers are being treated fairy, paid their salaries on time and treated with respect but, we must NEVER EVER jeopardize the security of our country for anything. The priority for us is to sustain stability, peace and security in Kuwait and at the same time insures the rights of every citizen and non citizen on our land.
A National dialogue is required to insure the rights of every human being in this country based on the principals of Islam and the teachings of our prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. Protesting violently, vandalizing property and killing human souls are NOT peaceful protests or acceptable behavior on any recognized country in the world, therefor it shall never be tolerated.

Respectfully yours,

Anonymous said...

I honestly didn't think her Royal Highness, was in any shape or form, endorsing rioting or disruption of public order.
Whatever gave you such an idea BoJaRa7 ?!

PaLoMiNo said...

This is really sad! :(

PaLoMiNo said...

and btw ur strike is taking too long ;(

Anonymous said...

man you gys are kuwaiti and you actually are mad about this? God bless you guys!

Eagle4 said...

2 months without new articles. I hope you are alright. Happy Ramadhan

sws said...

I'm Alright, thank you for asking. Happy Ramadhan to you too