Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Warm up

I'm not a great writer, actually I don't enjoy writing at all but I have soooo much to say and this blog is the only way I can vent untill someone buys me and IPOD teaches me how to use Itunes and perhaps one day I can have my voice heard through podcast and I don't think that's happening anytime soon.

I haven't written for a while because I had much to say but my thoughts were scattered and I didn't know how to approach my subject so I sort of gave up, also I felt like I kept repeating the same thing over and over again. Recently, two men whom I respect very much. Rev. A and ATM asked me why I was lacking and I said I had nothing to talk about then I sensed their disappointment and that motivated me.

Yesterday, I went to the avenues for the first time ever with my daughter (hussah the great) and we played at Baroue with the other kids and their nannies. I don't like children very much and especially the ones that are out of control which was the case yesterday with all the kids, the horror!! Goodness... poor nannies, I hope they're paid enough.

A friend of mine is doing a documentary about modern slavery/human trafficking (whatever you prefer to call it) in kuwait, I wish you all the best R-watan.

Can the ministy of social affairs please find the that 50,000 kd that al zakat donated to them in order to send 200 bangalis home who came to kuwait under false pretenses and weren't paid for months. These men just want to get paid and go home. I'm posting an article in arabic about this situation in details tomorrow inshalla.

On another note: Happy Ramadan.. Happy Eid and if you drink or eat during fasting hours you will get arrested!! Now how pathetic is that?!? What about the many ppl who aren't muslims in Kuwait? What about the ones that work outdoors and need a sip of water atleast! Silly law like many other silly laws are made to be broken.

Khoda Hafiz and God Bless ..


Anonymous said...

welcome back !

Shurouq said...

Rest assured ATM is very proud of you. It is in his nature to give us guilt trips every now and then.

Om Ja3far

sws said...

Thank you gals :*

rwatan said...

thank U :)
when family & friends unite all around me for a good cause

wonders must happen, and my work transforms into an obligation of high importance

I'm very optimistic... and U should too

thanks again

ma6goog said...

i hate codes

sws said...

Rwatan - Proud of you

Ma6goog and I hate you :P

Anonymous said...

With all due respect, are you for real, Bibi?
Can not you spearhead setting up of a regional headquarters of Amnesty International and International Labour Organization in this country? Walla, it's a critical need for so many weaklings living in our midst.