Monday, September 7, 2009

Kuwait Skyline - it was so worth it!

Obviously I'm being sarcastic, but of course it shouldn't surprise anyone out there that a large segment of the population probably, at the end of the day, think it was worth it after all.


nabeel said...

If i have violated any copyright issues with these photos, then please forgive me. If the original photographers have an issue with it please let me know and your photo will be taken down. I have tried to use photos that appeared several times on the net.

Addictioneer said...

Those poor people...
I ashamed to admit that this does exist in my country

nabeel said...

oh obviously those two maids at the bottom dont have anythign to do with the bengali workers strike. but pictures are hard to come by so I thought id include those as a sign of Kuwait's so called development.

Addictioneer, its heart breaking isnt it? InshAllah this will all change one day!

DLC said...

Mr. Nabeel,
I wish I could do more other than just read your blog. I wish I could help these people - I dont know where or how to start.

If you want pics from the bangladeshi workers strike visit

Anonymous said...

After a short visit to Kuwait, I must say that a comprehensive - and deeply needed - intrusion to try to rectify this situation is damn near impossible.

The country is in such bad state, with thousands of locals (women & children in particular) suffering from all sorts of abuse and neglect.

This does not mean that we should give up but quite the contrary, it means that we must work twice as hard to make sure that no more expatriates arrive into the country. By that I mean posing a serious demand to embassies as well as governments to cease sending their citizens to our land.

There must also be a consistent effort to speak up and publish posts like yours to try to make an impact.

This post was particularly effective due to placing pictures that match stories with real individuals.

Keep up the good work.

myriam ysabel said...

Why is this country summerged in such arrogance???...why is it that there are those out there that think they r above anyone else??...i encounter these behaviors EVERY day from kuwaities, it shows in their driving, the way they talk to foreigners,the way they impose when it doesn't go their way, their thoughts of superiority...WHY DO THEY BEHAVE LIKE THIS???....those that do good are few, they'rout there but counted. This country has so much potential if only all that bad energy was put into positiveness, like Nabeel...THANK YOU!!!