Friday, May 4, 2007


As I was getting 'Social Work Society' started, some members and I decided to have different "committees" to cover different issues. When I discussed it with my mother, her reaction was unenthusiastic, when I asked her why she said "Every ministry in Kuwait is overloaded with committees, the more there is, the less you accomplish". Oddly enough, as I was searching my petit bibliotheque (that's an understatement, it's more like 2 shelves with a couple of books) I found a little book of quotations, the first page I opened said "A committee is a group of the unwilling, chosen from the unfit, to do the unnecessary". hheheheh.

note: the author of the quotation above is "unknown" according to the book.


Anonymous said...

الكثيرين يتسابقون للأشتراك في هذه اللجان مو علشان الخدمة العامة او حل المشاكل او ماشابه ذلك لكن لان الفلوس اللى تندفع وايد زينه لانها تأتي بدون بذل جهد

هنا اقول البعض و ليس الكل

انا واحد من هالناس اللى اشتركت في لجان و الحين احرص على عدم المشاركة يها لانها اضاعة وقت قبل اي شيء بالنسبة لي شخصيا

اكيد والدتك عندها من الخبرة ما يفوق خبرتك و خبرتي

Ana Filibini said...

That's so true. Having committees only means more different individual commitee meeting and more people that argues with each other thus less action.

I guess when one organization grows, it can't be help but to subdivide the tasks.

I hope you'll have better luck with your committees.

the11thmuse said...

LOL! I simply love how the author is unknown.. funny