Friday, May 11, 2007

Farah Restaurant

I will write about this later..

I don't want to get into too much details but a couple of years ago the restaurant (farah) in salmiya burnt down and caused the whole building to catch fire, which I was told was owned by the restaurant owners. The building did not have emergency stair cases or sprinklers, one of the filipino ladies living there had to throw herself out of the window causing her to have her hip replaced. Her case for two years did not even reach the courts because the "Makhfar" , as a favor to the owners, kept the paperwork hidden, she wants compensation and her case in pending in court.


Anonymous said...

The fact that they kept the paper work hidden is disgusting. It really is! The ma5far should get punished shouldn't they, in a way.. ?

sws said...

ofcourse they should, but how do you prove they kept them hidden, these guys work like mafia (the bad cops, must say some police officers are unbelievably helpful). Even when we discovered the hidden files, the officers had to take the case to the courts, they used missing information and dosumentation by the plaintif as a reason why it didn't go anywhere for 2 years.

The helpful police officers that work with our organization, call us from outside the makhfar to compain about mistreatments that are happening by their superiors or collegues because they fear if they are caught telling "outsiders" about it, they'd get demoted or even fired and they'd make them out to be traitors on their records.