Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Sponsor tries to stop house maid from getting hospital treatment

So I get a phone call from a Philipino Lady named Josephine, she says she's at Mubarak Hospital and has been there for more than 2 weeks, she was admitted for severe stomach ache which turned out to be kidney stones. The hospital didn't treat her because her sponsor refused to pay for her treatment and refused to be responsible for her and went as far as stopping any treatment so that he wouldn't have to pay for her, the hospital didn't want to be responsible either. The woman was in so much pain and was confused and just wanted to go home at this point. All the hospital needed to do was to have her sign a form saying she is responsible for herself, it didn't need to take our organization to tell them that. Also, how dare the sponsor stop this lady's treatment... another great example of how sponsorship is modern slavery. Josephine has since been well cared for.


Warda said...

استغفر الله العظيم

حسبي الله و نعمه الوكيل

اشلون فيه ناس قلبهم قاسي ليه هالدرجه ؟؟

يعني لو صار لها شيء لا سمح الله
اشلون بواجهون ربهم؟؟

يالله يا ربي لا تسلط علينا احد
حسبي الله و نعمه الوكيل
حسبي الله و نعمه الوكيل

how is Josephine now ?

sws said...

warda, ee walla its very very sad. Josephine is much better alhamdullah, she's in good hands inshalla.

weiner said...

My mom is (as i refer) the national ambassador for maltreated "help in kuwait - she has helped many 'maids escape their 'base camps. The worst was when an egyption family locked the maid in an apartment without food or water and she decided to escape from the balcony- later on ended up at the hospital :'( i could go on forever and ever.

some ppl just SUCK hard.

N. said...

El7emdellah she is alright. What is wrong with these people? Honestly..! Also why did the hospital didn't just tell her that she needed to sign a paper? Did they not know about the paper?

kila ma6goog said...

حمدالله على سلامة جوزيفين

بس ماذا عن بقية خلق الله اللي كل يوم يتعرضون لنفس الظلم؟ هل نعمم أرقام تلفوناتك يا بيبي على ابواب المستشفيات عشان كل واحد ينظلم يتصل فيج تنقذينه؟

شيء جميل انك تتطوعين لخدمة الناس بس الأفضل هو تجنيد نفسك لخدمة تعديل القوانين و الممارسات الظالمة و تجديدها

هناك سيكون لجهدك أثر أكبر و فائدة أعم


و مبارك عليكم الشهر

Lucy said...

Thank God for the likes of you who brighten the image of Kuwait, one just wishes some would learn from you. Its unfortunate that people don't realise how badly their behaviour reflects on their country.

Salam from Mahboula!

sws said...

N. - NO they did not... we wwere the ones to tell them about the paper.

Lucy - Thanks Mahbola!

Kiwi Nomad said...

Hi Shaikha Bibi, long time since I've visited your blog but thought I needed to comment on this story. I understood that all maids, as with all non-citizens, are able to get treatment so long as they have the grey medical card (which the maid should have had as she is sponsered). Is it a case of the sponsor witholding the medical card, or not having obtained it in the first place, in which case isn't there legal recourse? Of course, there are much bigger issues to resolve...