Friday, November 23, 2007


Do we hate for the sake of hating? Is hatred towards a family, race, person, group of people, tribe,leader, religion, or religious sect inherited by a child from the parents? Where does Humanity stand in all this?

Will discuss further ... later.


kila ma6goog said...

ماشاءالله شنو هالنشاط المفاجيء بالبلوج؟

أعتقد ان الكراهية أنواع , أو ان الكراهية كلمة مشابهة لكلمة الحب و هي تختصر انواع عديدة من المشاعر

فهناك كراهية الردود أفعال , يعني شخص يفعل شيء ما يعجبك او ضد مصلحتك او يضرك فيكون رد فعلك انك تكرهه

و هناك الكراهية المبرمجة و هي الكراهية التي تزرعها البيئة و الثقافة في نفوس الناس اتجاه شيء معين

و الأفضل في جميع الحالات ان الواحد يقف أمام نفسه قليلا و يفكر لماذا أكره؟ حط نفسك مكان الطرف الآخر و شوف تسوي اللي اهو سواه و الا ما تسويه؟

على المستوى الشخصي نادرا ما اكره أو أحقد على أحد لمدة طويلة, لكن على المستوى العام أكره الكثيرين


eshda3wa said...

no i dont hate for the sake of hating. If i hate someone then theres a pretty good reason, like they are the devil and should burn in hell.

How do i know i hate someone?
If i could imagine something bad happening to them and it would bring me joy, pretty heartless i know, but thats what hate is.

N. said...

Hate is inherited but not only from family but from the society we live in! We hate bad people. Since we think they're bad and we're good, to them we're bad and they're good. They probably hate us back.

offmyhead said...

hate is hate. get over yourself.

sws said...

bu salma - I'm glad i'm on your good list sweety :P

eshda3wa - LOL yeah that's pretty much what hatred is.

n. - I've been accused of being a traitor or "makoo wala'a (loyalty) because I refuse to hate those who are hated by close people to me.

offmyhead - inshalla 6al3omrek/ch

N. said...

el wala' L'Allah then everything follows. Its funny how humans' natural tendency is to pick a side and attack the other one.

kila ma6goog said...

ليش شلتي الموضوع اليديد؟

sws said...

ma6goog? I didnt!

Shather said...


love to share and comment ..:)

according to psychological studies (LOVE-HATE) are inherited from the environment we re living in ...

b3daain the one who hates ,, eho ele be3esh mo merta7 o dayman menghath .. :/ .. madre why do some ppl hate others

sws said...

Shather - Absolutely! I agree with you that it's all the makings of the environment, whether you chose to follow the tide or go against.