Friday, November 23, 2007

Government Vs. Parliament

The Government vs. The Parliament ... Who's more negligent when it comes to human rights issues in Kuwait?

Just a reminder of violations that often happen in Kuwait

- Women getting raped by a family member
- Children physically abused by one of their parents
- House maids emprisoned in their employers' homes
- Expats working in the private sector blackmailed and mistreated by former employees by using sponsorship/residency documents against them
- Underpaid labour expats/domestic labour ... if ever paid on time
- Spousal abuse

Both are to blame for the degradation of our society and country as a whole, though the government is a little more responsive than the disconnected parliament that self-serves.

On a much lighter note: Welcome Baby Nasser Abdullah Al-Nasser to the family


kila ma6goog said...

both equaly

mabrook ma jakum:)

error said...

Your family has corrupted the parliament so your family is to blame for the degradation of our society and country.

error said...

i hate moderation

sws said...

Al Sekout 3alamat Al ?

Allah Ibarek feek Bu Salma.

Anonymous said...

All this is happening because we live in a country of lawlessness. Government is responsible for upholding the law, not the parliament.

Our government is weak, and it's weak becasue its leader is weak.

Mercy said...

Sorry, they are both to blame.

Yet, let's go a step furthur and talk about people who ride on the tails of those in power who are not even from the family or parliament.

How many average Kuwaiti's play the 'I know so and so, and I am related to so and so' to receive favours?

This entire society is run on wasta, and almost everyone is guilty. Stop playing the game, then speak about those in power.

Mabrook on the little angel. They are our future. :)

HussahT said...

I think both are to blame. And what is worse are the Kuwaiti public who are mostly lazy to do anything or clueless about what is going on.

Mercy said...

error--defeatist mentality will get you nowhere. Do you honestly believe there is no corruption in the Parliament or the Ministries unless the Gov't is involved?

Apathy is what causes corruption and degradation. People who line up at the Parliament to ask for their loans excused are a prime example of never asking what you can do for your country.

How about starting a committee for improving your country on a simple level? One person can make a difference.