Sunday, February 10, 2008

The neglected gems

Did you know a woman past the age of 25 still can't get married in Kuwait without the approval of her father, if he is deceased then she would have to get approval from her brother or uncle or male cousins. She would have to file a case in court in order to get the judge to marry her.

Did you know single women in Kuwait do not have the right to own a government home, even if they were 60 years of age?

Do you think it's fair that a father can marry his daughter off without her approval and without her signature on the marriage contract. (in the Sunni community)?

These are just a few injustices that women have to face in Kuwait, there are many more. Next post.. Women's rights.

On another note:

If you employ someone and the contract says that you will be paying them 120 kd/month, you are immediately obliged to pay up. How many people don't pay their employees the amount stated on the contract? In this case I am talking about domestic labour. How can you prove the employer is not paying? Because domestic labour cannot open bank accounts, it makes it difficult to know. Let's say my nanny doesn't get paid by me, how will she be able to prove it in court? or even at the police station? Sad.

*sws is working hard to have manditory bank accounts for all domestic labourers.


اجار الدين كشمش said...

الاخت كلبونا جماعه

المشكله ان قانون الاحوال الشخصيه بالكويت مستمد من الشريعه الاسلاميه


وهو الوالد وتوابعه ثم القاضي

وهو موس ذو حدين للظروف الاجتماعيه التي نعيشها في المجتمع

الاسري في الجزيره والخليج

وهو حمايه لها ...مع العلم

ان ببعض الحالات ..يقع ظلم بيًن

على الشابه والشاب
كلنا ضد التفرقه...بالجنس والعرق

ولكن المجتمع غير متحضر

كيف يحمي الحاكم الشابات من

هذا المجتمع..اللذي ترك الدين الحقيقي وتمسك بالتقاليد

واللذي وحتى هذه الساعه يقتلون

بناتهن ويحجرون عليهن ويحبسوهن

في البيوت وتسحب من الجامعه

وهي دكتوره او طالبه وتسجن في البيت ...واذا لجأة الي المحاكم

ضد عضل والدها او اخوانها

تقتل ..نعم تقتل !!!1

هل تستطيعين وانت ابنة كبار اسرة الحاكم ...والمتعلمه
والمتحضره...ان تتزوجي ...شاب
متعلم من ارقى الجامعات العالميه ..ومميز في عمله وخلقه

ودينه واسرته ...المتحضره التي اوصلته الي هذه المراتب

وهو من ساير المجتمع ..بالكويتي

من ساير الناس ..بيسيري...لا تستطيعين ..... الاجابه لان القرار
1!!!! ليس بيدك

كيف لك ان تتسائلين ..وانت تعرفين الواقع
لو انك اقدمتي على قرار منفرد

بالزواج من بيسيري وانت بعمر ال25 سنه

ماذا تكون النتائج عليك ؟...الطرد .. العزل ..الحبس البيتي ...حرمان المال والعيش الرغيد.. اي الموت البطيئ .. ثم القتل لا سمح الله

والخلاصه او الزبده ..مادام التخلف الحضاري ...ةالطبقي البغيض

فهذا القانون حماااايه للبنت

الكويتيه ...حتى لا تتعرض ..للذي ذكرته ..من اسرتها
وهو اقسى واكثر مراره وموت بطيئ... من ان تعيش وهي فقدت من ارادت الزواج به

اما الباقي مماذكرتيه فهو

قابل للحل

Hasan.B said...

Sometimes I hate my being a kuwaiti, sometimes.

N. said...

These issues should be taken seriously, enshalla they will be looked at soon and resolved. There's going to be a meeting on Tuesday right? I would have liked to make it but I'd be busy, anyway enshalla khair.

kila ma6goog said...



eshda3wa said...

we are second rate ciizens in our own country
and that has to change

Anonymous said...

انا اتفهم هالقوانين ان كانت من باب حفظ البنات الصغار من اتخاذ قرارات تهدم حياتهم قبل لا تبدي
اتفهم وجوب بنت الـ١٣ الحصول على موافقة والدها للخروج مع صديقاتها
اتفهم ايضا ليش هناك تركيز على البنت مو الولد

بس ربعنا اللي حاطين هالقوانين كأنهم نسوا انهم ممكن يحصرون القانون لعمر معين
ناسين كلمة "دون عمر الـ١٨" الظاهر
فصاروا الام والبنت والجدة واختها العانس ينصاعون لنفس القوانين، فقط لأن ربعنا ما عطوا العمر اي اهتمام

فعلا شغلة مضحكة

السؤال: هل حاول احد يغير من هالقوانين وواجه صعوبات من اخرين يرون ان الوضع الحالي ممتاز؟ والا هالقوانين منسية ومهملة؟

sws said...

Sorry guys, daughter's sick, will reply as soon as I get the time. Xx

N. said...

Matshof shar enshalla, salamat-ha. :)

sws said...

N - Al Shar Mayjeek Inshalla, Allah Isalmek. By the way, what meeting are you talking about on Tuesday?

N. said...

The anti-segregation meeting at the Kuwaiti Women's Cultural and Social Society.

There's a facebook group for the event:

Mark said...

Isn't it already mandatory for every domestic laborer to have a bank account? I thought thats why there is the Al-Amil Acount

I also thought the law was changed already so that all employees MUST transfer the salary every month to the laborers accounts. Thats why Al-Amil account was created.

sws said...

Mark - That's for private and government sectors.

N. - Will be there, thought there was something else.

sws said...

Ajar - Where does it say in the sharee3a that your father can marry you off without your consent?

As for Beyaser ... I learnt all that later in life from my elitist friends :P, I'm sure pretty sure my family will accept anyone.

I agree inna the mentalities have to change but I also think by enforcing a more flexible law the mentalities will eventually have to change.

ma6goog - 6eg isba3 wanna ikhtek

eshda3wa - ee walla lil asaf

anonymous - Good question, I'm not sure but I won't be surprised, women's rights acitivist have been active for many many years, unfortunately I don't know if they've reach anywhere with these issues. I think its tough to find a system that is run by men in this issue.

Eagle4 said...

I am just shocked, it's 8 pm and just finding about The anti-segregation meeting at the Kuwaiti Women's Cultural and Social Society. Where do I sign in to get notified of such events. I would love to support anything related FREEDOM.

اجار الدين كشمش said...


لاخواني الاحبه المدونين

تم سرقة اسمي

اجار الدين كشمش

من احد الحراميه ويبدو

من لهجته انه غير كويتي

ويدور بين المدونات

لاشعال الفتنه بيننا

وخااااصة اخواني الاحبه
في البلوغات
اللذين اختلف معهم

بالراي واللذي لايفسد لمحبتنا للكويت وودها

اهيب بمن يريد ان يطفأ

الفتنه ...ان ينشر

وشكرا للاخ مطقوق الشاب في عمره والرائع في عقله

وشكرا ل احلى مهندسه
ولجميع من كشف اللص


ونقول للص وايد عليك
اجار سطوح الكويت المتماسكه ..بحب الكويت
من اراد التأكد بروفايلي

غير بروفايله

sanfranciscanq8 said...

It's not in the Shari'a to forcefully marry your daughter, so how can it be legal here? In the Shari'a, her silence would be her consent. In this day and age, I seriously doubt any girl would be silent.

Many laws in the past were implemented to protect women, who were often uneducated. Hardly the case now, except for the fact that emotions can sway us to marry without logic.

The plan to have bank accounts for domestics sounds perfect, I sure hope it can be implemented soon.

I can't wait for your women's rights topics. I don't feel like a second class citizen, though I've been treated as one. I refuse to allow this mentality or negativity. Men will never give us power or rights until we women fight for them.

You don't seriously think men would give power away, do you? Women in the west were tortured and jailed for speaking out on rights.

I've never considered men powerful. As mothers, we create men, and 'the hand that rocks the cradle, rules the world.' Raising our sons to respect women, is the first step.

Burhan said...

If it really is true that in this day and age, a father can marry her daughter without her consent; then I really feel sorry being a sunni male.