Saturday, January 26, 2008

I don't have a magic wand

A friend of mine from highschool wrote me this email that i decided to share on my blog, I will answer him here because I have a feeling a lot of people share his views.

Here's what he had to say:-

Hey Bibi,

I just wanted to say I like your blog because it tackles humanitarian
issues in Kuwait. You've always been a good person ever since school
so when I found out that you became a humanitarian I was like wow
thats like a perfect fit.

My issue or question is this. There are a lot of things I don't like
in Kuwait and I complain about them every now and then on my blog. The
thing is thats all I can do. As a non-kuwaiti there is very very
little I can do about the working conditions of the Bengalis or
generally ANYTHING thats wrong here.

BUT, I always wish I was in a better position so I could actually do
things. For example every time I read something sad on your blog I
think to myself that if I was in your shoes I would do this or I would
try to do that. I find it hard to believe that you can't solve all
these problems. If you can't solve humanitarian problems issues in
Kuwait then who can?

I don't know if I am making much sense, I hope I didn't sound
aggressive or anything but I really love Kuwait and I find it very
frustrating to see things that are so obviously wrong and not being
able to do anything about it and then find out that the only person I
would expect to be able to do things about it can't do anything
either. It sounds like a helpless cause which is depressing.

Here's what I have to say:-

S.W.S, the organization that I work at does a lot of work with helping people, I don't usually write about what we've accomplished as an organization because in the end we were able to challenge and defeat all obstacles within our limits and without breaking the law or interfering in the work of the officials.

Kuwait is suppose to be "dawlat Mo'asasat" and I don't even know how to translate that, but the idea is, I up on my "high horse" as some may see me, cannot interfere, change or impose on any ministry official's work and I have to go through the process like everyone else in this country. Some might say, but your grandpa is the amir and your uncle is the deputy prime minister and all the rest are close relatives as well, why can't you pass the message to them to do something? Trust me, everytime I get a chance to speak with any of them on the issues I face, I don't hesistate to jump on the opportunity, but we all have to understand that they are very busy people dealing with many other, as important, isssues.

Also, they usually refer me to the officials at the ministries that I would have dealt with without even going to them, because that's how the system works (just a very few cases with babies in prison that the amir had to be directly involved and take action, god bless him), I can't just say i'm facing a problem here and there and then I get a scroll with the emir's signature and all is fine and dandy, No. There is a process, there are different documents and paper works and all the stuff we hate to do, but it must be done. So I end up going through the bureaucratic system just like everyone else, no magic wand here people.

In many occasions I was kicked out of offices especially in Al-Shu'oon..Yet because I want to make a difference I still hold my head up high and accept the system, hoping through complaints and shedding light on the issues, the system could improve. It could get depressing when you feel like you've hit a dead end but it's all too satisfying when you do actually make a difference.


eshda3wa said...

allah y3eenich oo ygaweech, im sure you do everything in your power to help
god bless u

sws said...

Allah isalmech, thank you. Maybe it's not enough, but I try. May god bless you too.

kila ma6goog said...

جهد طيب

لكن أعتقد انك تحتاجين الى المزيد من الحنة

مع ان هالمواضيع المفروض من المسلمات و ما يكون في احد يقول والله ليش البنغالي يطر بالشارع؟

هالشي ضد القانون
ضد الاخلاق
ضد الدين
ضد الانسانية

ضد كل شيء

أكون صريح معاج

أشعر ان المسؤولين من ابناء الأسرة مثل رئيس الوزراء و غيره يشعرون باليأس من الشعب الكويتي , و انا ما الومهم فنحن نشعر باليأس أحيانا و نقول مستحيل نتغير

لكن مشكلة ان المسؤول يكون يائس , اذا انت يائس فافسح المجال لغيرك لأن يأسك على يأسنا لن يوصلنا الى أي مكان

يعني ما يبيلها عبقري عشان يصيدون كم راس عود من ربع الاقامات

sanfranciscanq8 said...

I certainly have many comments on this. I definitely know you have no magic wand, and I've seen a few comments on here suggesting you do.

F.Y.I. to anyone reading this, members of the ruling family ALSO go through tons of paperwork, and waiting, it's not some alien punishment reserved for other people.

I laughed at your being thrown out of the sha'oun. I am a very patient woman, but sometimes I've wanted to scream.

Also, for some odd reason the men here are much more helpful to women than the women. Each situation requires unique perspective.

My personal belief is ONE person can make a difference. However, one person cannot change the entire country alone.

I recall tutoring english as a volunteer at the orphanage and never seeing people out there volunteering their time. Writing checks is not the only answer. Besides this, the kids gave me incredible hugs when I came!

So, instead of asking the royals to help, perhaps it's time for people to ask what 'they' can do for their country. You can visit at the jails and the orphanage. Look around and see what your country needs, what you can give back to it. Give time, not money.

You can help those in a lesser position than you (believe me, you can find some) and this cycle helps everyone.

I think this woman is doing an amazing job, and deserves come credit. Her compassion alone is wonderful. Thank you habibty for being a 'light' in Q8.

sws said...

kila ma6goog - Ay daad bidaaad, ya Khoda! ma bel yad 7eela.

Sanfran - Thank you (kisses)

Ana Filibini said...

I admire everything that you try to do.

God bless you, veryone in your organization and more :D

More power!

sanfranciscanq8 said...

It's the second anniversary of our Amir, Sheikh Sabah al Ahmed's position as Amir of Kuwait.

May God grant him a long, healthy, prosperous life.

Let us pray that our leaders lead us into a new decade of peace and prosperity.

بوصالح said...

الفترة الماضية ما كنت أشوف شغلك من قريب بس متأكد أنه جهد طيب .. تشكرين عليه

شوفي الحياة مراحل .. فرح ، سعادة ، حزن و اليأس

قبل عام كنت في بداية اليأس لكني الآن اصبحت بائس ليس من الوضع العام و ليس من الجو العام .. ليس من مجلس الأمة أو حتى الوزارة

بل أنا بائس من نفسي .. منغلق حزين محبط .. و مكسور و محطم

منذ فنرة حققت أغلى هدف في حياتي المرحلية لكن لا فرق سواء تحقق أم لا

بت أكره نفسي أكثر مماضى .. و لا أعرف حتى لماذا أعيش

العيب فينا و في قلوبنا

و أنا أكثر شخص به عيوب

Zoie said...

Well written article.