Monday, June 9, 2008

Servants in the nest of a foreigner - Available at Virgin Megastore

Magno presents book to envoy

KUWAIT CITY, March 5: Filipina writer Zenaida Sundiang Magno presented a copy of her first book 'Servants in the Nest of a Foreigner' to the Ambassador of Philippines to Kuwait Ricardo Endaya last week. Third Secretary and Vice Consul Rea G. Oreta was also present during the occasion.Magno spoke to the Arab Times about her writing career. She said she loves music and writing. 'I used to write in school magazines during my elementary and high schools, poems and articles about events in the campus.' She was also a singer.A pen, to her, is a friend, 'especially when I am alone.' Pen collection is a hobby for Magno. The writer was a housemaid with a Kuwaiti family for 12 years. 'I used to write at that time whenever I used to feel homesick.'About her book she said it is a fiction, 'but I have included some of my experiences, especially those related to invasion.' The book she hopes will be an inspiration for Filipino workers in Kuwait. The Filipino version of the book has already been printed, and won rave reviews from all quarters. 'This encouraged me to write the same book in English. I owe this to Sheikha Bibi Nasser Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah, the head of the human rights organization in Kuwait. She helped me publish this book.'It's a poignant tale that is refreshingly original. The narration has an easy air, weaving in and out of a multiplicity of issues that are social and ethical, and more than anything else profoundly human. The book is about a young Filipina maid, who comes to Kuwait and undergoes various hardships to help her family back home. 'Though a fiction, every worker who is working for his or her family's sake will be able to identify with it.'Magno feels that the problems housemaids face in Kuwait are mainly due to differences in culture and tradition, which the maids take time to get adjusted to. People coming from far off places to serve a family have to be shown compassion and mercy for a healthy living atmosphere, she adds.Filipinos, she notes, are born sensitive and are hardworking, clean, loving and patient. Most of them have a good sense of humor too. However, it is their sensitivity that makes them run away from the homes of their sponsors, when they get shouted at due to misunderstandings. Magno also thanks Chevron Overseas and the Philippine Embassy and all the servants in Kuwait who inspired her to write the book.

By Valiya S. SajjadArab Times Staff

note: I don't profit from the book, i'm just supporting the author. (for the evil minds out there :P)

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I think Zenaida should sell her story / book to Channel 4 or ITV cinema if they are willing to have it. First step would be to try - you never know with these British media houses or any independent film maker for that matter who might find it suitable for a cinematic adaptation. If it goes on the floor they might like to call it - " Runaway Maids" or " Maid in Kuwait","Maids of Kuwait " or somesuch.