Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Working with dust

It's terribly hot outside
What's worse
It's terribly dusty
Everyone is depressed
Everyone's staying indoors
Except the thousands of men that are working outdoors


kila ma6goog said...

ما احب التحلطم

الجو بديع اليوم

mayfara said...

no pun intended

sws said...

Kila ma6goog - tethemer 3al khafeef.

mayfara - why do I find that hard to believe?

mayfara said...

that just gave me away ha?:)

on a different note -- I seriously believe that your blog needs some serious work -- looks wise and sorry to say this but content wise too --

sws said...

I agree.

Ansam said...

i think i am getting sick... I cant breath all that well because of the dust

sws said...

Ansam = Salamat. I am bedridden :(

Eagle4 said...

The sand storm didnt stop me. A 300 Fils mask and a KD 1 googles,long sleev shirt and just carry on with your life. Smile you are in the best land, our Kuwait.

It's okay to be a weeper said...

Say a little prayer for the blue collared toiling away in the dust and the heat as if their life depended on it ( pun intended).
Do you believe in Karma ? I do and often think about those poor unfortunate laborers who are made to work outdoors no matter what the weather. What did they do in a past life to deserve the kind of life they are living today?