Sunday, June 8, 2008

Facing the truth and moving on

So everybody talks about political reform.. It's reform this and reform that .. I spent many hours hearing my friends speak about it, they all want to reform the country by having more liberties and freedoms. They speak of freedom of press and freedom of speech, now they worry about their right to dress as they please and their right to co-education.

They advocate for their own believes and their own rights (nothing wrong with that), but they disregard all those other people who have been and still are being opressed in our society.

Those people are the children who are abused either sexually or physically by people around them, women who are also abused in many ways from their spouses or family members, house maids and other labour expats verbally and physically abused by their employers even animals don't have it easy here, cats get burried alive, dogs get beaten to death, birds are hit with stones for fun.

Why aren't these issues our first priority for reform? Is it up to the government or the people to start reforming?

The government teases us with mixed signals, they're so good at plastering headlines in the papers with false promises about changing the labour law in order to protect the rights of labour expats, then they come up with crooked legislations that work against human rights. Was this all to get the United States off our backs?

I didn't even mention parliamentarians because the committee speaks for itself

I chose to believe that there was hope. After denying the bitter truth for so long (reading mixed signals), it slammed right in my face.


kila ma6goog said...

same here

Anonymous said...

Hang on. Do what you can. Don't get discouraged, just do what you can do to make things better. Reach out, get the support and encouragement you need. Your blog is a bright spot.

revq8 said...

You need to be in this for the long haul. If you need inspiration watch Amazing Grace the story of William Wilberforce. He went through years of bitter disappointment. His moment came though and the world honours him for his perseverance. (I have dvd if you want to see it).

Your time will come - persevere!
Your Fan! revq8

sws said...

Intlexptr - Thanks for the support and encouragement.

Revq8 - Inshalla I will not give up, I just get sooo frustrated. Would love to get the dvd from you, an excuse to see you, it's always lovely seeing you, you are the best motivation anyone could ever wish for. I won't let you down. Xx

Rajesh said...

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