Saturday, January 19, 2008

Abused by a junkie

I'm sure a lot of people have family members or know of people who have family members that are drug addicts. The burden of a drug addict is extremely hard, its emotionally draining to deal with a junkie, i've heard horror stories, the latest is of an abusive junkie, who pulled a gun out on family member, he put the gun to her head then laughed hysterically when she trembled with fear, she said she couldn't hear anything but his husky voice and the sound of her heart beating real fast, he then proceeded to fire two shots in the air to scare her even more, she says the sound was so loud she felt like it shattered her bones, she was paralyzed from fear and tried to walk away but he had a tight grip on her arm telling her that he's taken a little too much drugs and threatened if she would tell anyone he would hunt her down. She was let go when the attacker's friend showed up and calmed him down.

It's not easy dealing with the pain of losing a family member to drugs but it gets worse when the drug addict becomes an abuser. If she calls the authorities on him, she will be shaming her family and her name will be plastered all over the news, her family might even view her as a traitor or even worse her brothers might take revenge on him and in the end everyone gets hurt... but if the drug addict family member hurts or kills anyone... she won't be able to live with herself knowing she could have stopped it.

My friend chose to stay silent, may god give her peace of mind with her decision.


Anonymous said...

eshda3wa said...

i hope shes ok
but she really shouldt stay silent

she doesnt have to go to the police

bs fee ppl that help addicts anonymously. she could call them and have them approach him very discreetly

bb q8 said...

That is so sad!
There must be some help that your friend could get? Now that you know about it, doesn't it leave you with a responsibility?

sws said...

eshda3wa - the man's 54 years old, there's nothing anyone can do unless he decides he wants to get help himself.

bb q8 - In this situation, I would have to respect my friend's decision, it's a family affair, there's not much anyone can do, unless she decides to file a case against him.

The only thing a friend can do is to show as much love and support especially now that she's very vunerable.

anonymous -

kila ma6goog said...

خاينة أفضل بكثير من الله يرحمها

sanfranciscanq8 said...

This woman needs to protect herself. Trust me. Drug addicts are very scary and unpredictable.

We have no proper rehabilitation centers here, and calling the police does little good. The 'families' choose to ignore it rather than admit there is a problem.

This leaves the woman (alone) to deal with insanity in her life daily. Fear daily. Fear for her children. Until Kuwait gets out of denial and stops thinking about ruining 'good' family names, women like her will suffer. In silence. In fear.

I for one, am more than willing to speak out. But to who? I would love to help other women.

sws said...

san franciscan - I'm sure she will eventually say something, knowing her she won't stay quiet for too long. Thanks for the email, I'm sure it's very difficult to read, i'm postive it's sooooo much more difficult to have experienced it but I can't re-write the post, sorry.

sanfranciscanq8 said...

I understand. I only pray that she chooses not to 'protect' this person, and try to be strong.

Sadly, when we protect drug addicts, especially those who are dangerous and violent, we actually encourage their immoral behaviour.

I was upset that anyone would worry over 'good family names' or gossip, since this protection kills and destroys others. There are no secrets in this country.

The addict sees silence as a 'green light' to continue. They are certainly not in their 'right mind' but WE are, so WE must speak out.

One day, inshallah we will have the proper rehabilitation hospitals here to treat these addicts. I have no pity for them, as they 'choose' to escape life and make the lives of others misery.

Thank you for exposing a silent epidemic....

Jinx said...

5 years ago, statistics showed that we had 50,000 addict in Kuwait, and we know how 'accurate' statistics are..meaning they are probably twice that number. By the time someone finally does something to get us proper treatment in Kuwait, the next generation will all be dead. I have witnessed the horrors of addiction in the state of Kuwait, and how 'criminals' are 'rehabilitated'. Believe me its ugly, and was part of my daily life. I used to work as a substance abuse counselor at the Addiction Center in Kuwait and left after 6 months because i couldn't handle the abuse of patients BY the 'doctors.'