Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Blah, because when you're numb, nothing makes sense

What I am feeling is Blah
What I was thinking was Blah
What I am saying is Blah
What I long for is Blah
What has been done to me is Blah
What I have to do is to Forgive


kila ma6goog said...

bla bla bla

one of your best posts

العن ابو النفاق

sws said...

heheheheh blah ma6goog, you're the best.

sanfranciscanq8 said...


I happent to love that word *blah* it justs fits in everywhere!

Perfect post.

Agree-forgiveness is divine. It's a gift to one's self.

sanfranciscanq8 said...

I was wondering, can we bring a topic up for discussion?

This is a topic on my mind for years. Asking what you can do for your country, rather than what your country can do for you.