Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Time for some changes

Happy New Year everyone!

Changes I would love to see in 2008:

1. The Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Social Affairs take into consideration the rights of the people who reside in our country, and respect and care for their affairs. In other words, stricts actions should be taken against sponsors who bring labourers from asian countries under false pretenses just to take money from them and leave them lurking in the streets unemployed. Police officers should be much more civil when dealing with labour expats and stop treating them as though they are criminals, even if they are the ones filing complaints against their employers.

2. All Bedouns that serve in the military should be given the Kuwaiti Nationality, what and who do they serve for, if they are considered "without nationality"?

3. Free education. Every citizen should have the choice to pick the type of educational environment they would like to be part of, whether co-ed or segregated. I hope that the law that was past against co-education in private university changes and I wish our "progessive" parliament members fail to pass segregation in private highschools.

4. Raise of salaries in all governmental sectors especially in the oil sector, our bread and butter.

5. Shelters for abused women and children. Shelters for labour expats.

6. Housing compounds for labour expats that fit international regulations instead of cramping up 50 people in a room in jleeb shyoukh and khaitan.

7. babies born out of wedlock handed over to the embassies that their mothers belong to or taken in officially by the state instead of left in Al-Sabah Maternity hospital without identity.

more .... later.

Care to share the changes you want to see in 08?

Spread love... Stop hate.


kila ma6goog said...

i share most of what u said



i am not in a positive mood to أتمنى

i think we need to start working instead of نتمنى


بوصالح said...

أتمنى أن يرى مشروع الجليب النور

أتمنى ان لا يكون هناك من يحمل في قلبه كره و تذوب جميع الخلافات

أتمنى أن أرى البعض سعيدين بحياتهم

أتمنى .. أن يصعد المنافق

sanfranciscanq8 said...

First of all, Happy New Year, may it be a blessed one.

I ran across some wonderful info commercials that need to be shown in Kuwait, in English/Arabic. Topics include domestic violence, the bidoon situation, and unity in the country.

Where do I send them?

I am also tired of the non action in Q8. Short of running for Parliament is there anything we can seriously do to make some real, positive changes? I'm open to any serious active ideas.

the great Arabian coming said...

Your Royal Highness :

I so beyond agree with you on every single point you make. Lest you have decided to save it for 2009, 2008 could be the water-shed year when Kuwait society tries to be more like Bahrain with its inclusiveness, pluralistic nature and savoir faire.

Minimum wages for the blue collared, abolition of " kafeel"( sponsor) for expats workers besides equal rights for foreign spouses of nationals and their children could all go a long way in spreading cheer and happiness for so many living in Kuwait.
May God Almighty give the movers and shakers in Kuwait the courage and the strength to live up to their convictions this new year.

Anonymous said...

Amen. I am with you on this. Let me know what we can do.
Rev Andy

Anonymous said...

Amen to all of this. Will be praying for you in this New Year.

harmonie22 said...

It is my hope that everyone in Kuwait grows to share your humanitarian vision and becomes as kind and compassionate as you are. Have a blessed 2008.

sws said...

Kila ma6goog - work is happening on education, I understand the students are doing something for the jalsa on tuesday.

Bu-saleh - ; )

San fransciscan - send them to my email

The great arabian - Inshalla. And F.Y.I I ain't royal and I am only high on life, not status.

Rev. Andy of the Anglican Church in Ahmadi, It is an honor to see you comment on my blog. You know as well as I know that it is a very thick wall that we hve to break in order to get anything done with helping those in need. My passion and goal is easier to accomplish knowing that there are great people such as yourself and your church standing by me. God Bless You!

Harmonie22 - Habibti, I am a product of your creation. I miss you lots and Love you so much.

Anonymous said...

Eagle 4 said...

I wish the government to start strategic planning for the next 50 to 100 years with the possibility of a future without oil. Alternatives must be seeked now for our children and grandchildren and great grandchildren.

sws said...

Eagle 4 - I agree with you completely.

we the homo-asexuals said...

What is this I hear you proclaim, princess - Spread Love Stop Hate?! How you'd wish you hadn't made this wish now that we have men loving other men more than they do women! And we have only your post to blame for it.
:) :)