Monday, January 14, 2008


The Angelican Church wanted to help hundreds of bengalis to return home by giving them tickets and the money they paid to come to kuwait and the money that was never given to them from their employers. So a formal letter was written to Zakat House to ask for donations, I signed the letter because they wanted to use a muslim name and in my case a very familiar muslim name. So Zakat House created a committee (Shoot me, i hate committees) to discuss the issue along with the ministry of social and labour affairs. So they agreed to donate 50,000 KD to help muslim expatriates in situations like those of the bengalis, they decided the money would be put in a fund in the ministry of social affairs and the money would be spent through them. Now the ministry is claiming they don't know where the money is and we're back in square one, there are more than 150 bengalis in shelters throughout town waiting to go home and many others in similar situations stuck in limbo without a dime to buy a ticket to go home. My family have been generous enough to help out many times, including Mesharee' Al-Khair a foundation owned by my uncle yet I can't keep going back to them, laws have to change, things have to be fixed to prevent situations like this, for one, the company who brought them has to deal with it, why is the ministry sooo easy on them!

What is really sad, other than the obvious, is that Kuwait was a country people dreamt of coming to, it was and surprisingly still is a country some asians wish to find a job in thinking they will provide a better living for their families back home when they do come. UNFORTUNATELY, the sad truth is, a lot of them were better off staying home. It breaks my heart to see any kind of sufferage but my heart bleeds when it's unjustified sufferage.

Another story...

A friend of mine introduced me to a gorgeous palestinian young lady a few months back, said she was in need of help. Her story is that she teaches at a middle school and was tutoring one of the girls in school at her home. The girl lives with her father who is divorced, the teacher became the desire of this man, she claims he was very decent and friendly with her and her family, even hired her disabled brother in his company. Long story short, he proposed, she accepted, she then began to see changes in him which concerned her, so she ended the engagement. At that point, the man made her brother sign documents and accused him of stealing money from him and filed a complaint at the police station. The brother was nowhere to be found, he was scared and ran away thinking he will be put in prison. So the police took the whole family, the pretty teacher and her parents in for questioning.. they spent 48 hours in jail.. meanwhile, the man (former fiance) tells the teacher that if she agrees to marriage then he will stop the charges against her brother. She doesn't agree. The family leave jail and head home because there is no case against them just inquiry about the son. A few days later the police pick the teacher up from school accusing her of stealing her fiance's money and jewellery, in which he claims he gave her when he proposed to her. She denies it all. Anyway there was a court case against her and her mother, as an accomplice. The verdict of the case came out a couple days ago, the judge ruled against them and sentenced them to 2 years in prison including the brother too. Oh I forgot to mention, her father died soon after he was put in prison, he died of a heart attack, his body was taken to Jordon, that trip was used in court as evidence against her, claiming she took the money and jewellery to Jordon which is why there was no traces of them in her house.

I don't really know why i'm so sad.. maybe cuz i met these people and they sound really sincere and I heard first hand the horror stories they went through in jail in Salmiyah and the one in Mubarak al Kabeer, yet if I want to be fair, there could also be a slight chance that this man was cheated. Either way, a two year sentence is very harsh.

The recent sentencing of the rapists who gang-raped a saudi girl was 10 months, untill they recently changed it to 5 years because of all the pressure they got for it So raping a girl is almost the same as being falsely accused of stealing or should I say the same as being accused of stealing without evidence of the stolen goods in your possession.

I feel helpless... I don't know what to do. This family is begging for help, I am in no position to do anything, it's beyond my capability.

After all that's been said. I will not give up. I love my country and I love the people here, a few corrupt souls will not break my spirit. I will be forever an optimist.


kila ma6goog said...

بالنسبة للموضوع الأول

أعتقد ان الشيخ ناصر المحمد ولد عمج , يعني تقدرين بسهولة تشوفينه بالمكتب او ملتقى عائلي او تدقين عليه تلفون و تشرحيله الأوضاع . هو سيد وزير الشؤونن و وزسر الخارجية و وزير الداخلية و هؤلاء هم القادرين على حل هذه المشاكل

اما احنا هني فمجرد تعاطف لن يفيدك و لا يفيد أصدقائك المعذبين في الأرض

بالنسبة للقصة الثانية فأعتقد ان المفروض انك تسمعين دفاع الطرف الآخر على الأقل حتى تطمئنين ان كلام البنت صحيح و ليس تبلي

عموما , النفوس الشريرة موجودة و بكثرة هذه الأيام و لكن الواحد دائما يقول , يمهل و لا يهمل

انشاءالله ما يأتي اليوم اللي نكون حنا الظالمين

شكرا على لمحاتك الانسانية

sanfranciscanq8 said...

The labourer situation is pitiful and has been for years.

I would like to add that the Anglican church donated the money to Bengalis, who I am sure are majority Muslim. Bless them for helping them.

The Bayt Zakat generously donated for the Bengali Muslims, only to have the money go ''missing'' which obviously means a deep investigation should be done.

My point is, why are Christians allowed to come here to work as labourers (many like slaves) but are not allowed the Sadaqa of the Bayt Zakat when they are stranded due to immoral acts by Kuwaitis and other nationalities.

Are we not all children of God? Does not each person who comes here have a mother, a father, or children back home? Does an injustice of a Christian hold less weight than the injustice of a Muslim?

Furthurmore, on Judgement Day, will God ask for our jensiya? Clearly not. Deeds and intentions.
Perhaps the Bengali cared more for his fellow human beings. Allah Karim.

Keep up your good deeds and intentions sweetie---heaven will welcome you as a compassionate human being.

Oh, I love my country too, as a Kuwaitia, and love should cause us to acknowledge corruption, and injustice, then actively pursue the solutions. Apathy is never a solution.

Anonymous said...

Hi, i stumbled upon your blog today. i have to say i am overwhemlmed with admiration and respect for you and your purpose. I have always felt useless and wanted to help other people who are less fortunate than myself but never really knew how.
you are an inspiration to the rest of us. we truly need to get off our behinds and help out in some way, no matter how little or insignificant we might think it is, we will make a difference one day inshalla.

Who would i contact if i wanted to volunteer?

sws said...

kila ma6goog - al shaikh nasser to a busy man, it's not as easy as you think it is.

San fransiscan - Allah Kareem

Anonymous - Thank you for your interest, I appreciate any help I can get. You may contact me on my email

Anonymous said...


ماتعرفين شكثر وجودك، بهذه الانسانية، وبما تحملينه من حـــــــــب للكويت يسد ثغرة كبيرة جدا، بالنسبة لي شخصيا على الأقل

يا سيدتي صرنا لما نرجع الديرة مانشوف غير ناس حياتهم تحوم حول البلينغ بلينغ ـ.

من خلالك اشوف معدن الكويتيين اللي صنعوا "دانة الخليج" ـ
وكم انا ممتنة

شكرا لك

sws said...

anonymous - mashkoura, it's always nice to know that I share the same principles with people, it gives me an incentive to do more.

Eagle 4 said...

Regarding the palestinian family. Ofcourse someone can help, but who? One of the readers must know a good lawyer who is willing to help the family and expose the man in the legal matters (or is that just in television?)

sanfranciscanq8 said...

Re: the Palestinian family. I avoided this topic simply because we don't have all the facts, nor do we have the court transcripts to judge who is innocent.

Eagle 4: realistically speaking women have little or no power in this country. After spending 4 hours in a Ministry last week with my daughter dealing with women who claimed they could not find my file number, a man (who was not even Kuwaiti, I might add) walked in and got my file in 3 minutes flat!

Bottom line: 1 non Kuwaiti male equals more than 2 Kuwaiti females.

Also, you have forgotten the cruel fact that there are judges and lawyers who are being paid off? Very, very few lawyers are willing to take cases 'pro bono' which leaves the poor at the mercy of the system.

Eagle, do you know any lawyers who take pro bono cases?

Eagle 4 said...


If I knew one, trust me I would have called him/her immediately to take action, nut unfortunately I don't. Poor woman, we'll have to have her in our prayers.
But also remember that:
أللة ما يطق بعصا